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Choosing a lipstick

Choosing a lipstick | Lip Cosmetics | How to apply the lipstick

It is best  to use a lipstick manufactured by a reputed company. Never go in for cheaper brands. The skin of the lips are very sensitive and may be allergic  to substances contained in cheap brands.

Choosing the correct shade is also important. Skin reactions to lipstick colours varies, so you must try on the lipstick before you buy it. Dab a little on the inside of your  wrist to check the colour.

The occasion and dress style are the other important factors. If you wear a casual cloth, lipstick of the   natural colors  is more suitable while deeper colors such as dark reds would be preferable for a party or formal events.

Try different shades: It is a good to have shades of pink, orange, magenta and brown in your lipstick collections, so that they will go with most of your clothes. It is better that your lipstick and clothes are of the same basic colour.


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