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Hair Care ( Shampooing | Conditioning )

Hair Problems & Remedies  | Hair Treatment | Basic Hair Care Tips | Hair Care Tips from Nature

Most people want their hair silky and shiny. No matter what the type of hair they have, be it straight, curly, long, short, oily, dry, thin or thick all want their hair to look good and manageable. 


To shampoo is to wash, cleanse or remove all dirt or other impurities from the scalp and hair by the process of shampooing. The selection of the shampoo should depend upon the hair type.

Egg shampoo is good for dry hair but avoid products which contain alcohol as they will dry out the hair even further. Look for shampoos that contain oils like coconut. Moisturizing type shampoos tend to coat the hair and trap the moisture inside the hair shaft.

For oily hair use some mild shampoo. Care should be taken while using shampoo. Do not scrub or over massage. It is better to rinse thoroughly with Luke warm water. If the hair is too oily, add lemon juice in Luke warm water and rinse.

The best shampoo's to use for this type of hair is clarifying shampoos.  Look for shampoos that contain panthenol. Volumizing shampoos are mild in nature because they are formulated for everyday use, but contain additives for bounce and body.

Shampooing can be done as often (ideally every alternate day) as required to keep the hair clean and healthy, as long as you condition regularly. Switch shampoos once a month to avoid hair buildup. 

Method of Shampooing

Prepare the hair for shampooing. Before wetting your hair for shampooing, comb through with a wide toothed comb to prevent tangles. Mix and adjust the water flow. Mix the water to a comfortable temperature.

Wet the hair and scalp thoroughly. Apply the shampoo to the hair by first pouring it into your hand and never directly. Apply with the hands and fingers, massage firmly in rotating and circular movements. Massage the whole head. Rinse the hair and scalp thoroughly and carefully. Apply more shampoo and massage for the second time if needed, finally rinse all shampoo from the hair and scalp with clean water. Finally check the hair lines and make sure that the dirt and shampoo has been removed from hair and scalp. Dry the hair gently. Don't rub just blot the wet hair with a towel and then smooth the towel along the length of your hair. Avoid blow drying as far as possible. If you shampoo regularly there is no need to lather twice.


A conditioner is to hair what a moisturiser is to the skin and it used after shampooing. All types of hair have to be conditioned to keep it shiny and flexible. Conditioning is specially useful for dry hair. It adds to the natural oil supply and gives dry hair, shine as well as bounce and strength. For oily hair, use conditioner only on the ends of your hair .

Method of Conditioning

  1. After shampooing gently squeeze the excess water. 

  2. Comb the hair with the fingers or with wide toothed comb from the roots to the ends gently. Remove tangles.

  3. Apply little conditioner and rub the conditioner through the hair with the fingers. Never rub on the scalp.

  4. Keep it on the hair for 5 minutes

  5. Now gently massage the hair to loosen the conditioner.

  6. Rinse the hair and remove all traces of conditioner. Now dry the hair.

Conditioners used for different types of Hair

Damaged hair - Protein Conditioner

Dry hair - Moisturising or Intensive Conditioner

Oily hair - Any normal (oil free) conditioner

Purpose of Conditioning

The key to beautiful hair is a beautiful scalp. If it is kept clean and normal balances are maintained it performs its functions well. Each hair is made up of a very delicate fibers.

Conditioning is a way of giving the hair a more intense kind of nourishing treatment. It helps to protect hair from counter acting dryness, making it smooth and easier to manage.

Treatments with conditioners helps to correct the effects of poor hair care. Henna is a good conditioner. Treatment  with henna is good for the hair.

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